Romio's Pizza and Pasta

About us

Enjoy Renton's best pizzas at some of the top pizza restaurants in the area. Romio's Pizza & Pasta is one of the most popular in Renton. Try their pizza, and you'll soon see why.


Romio’s Pizza and Pasta owner, Savita, is a true inspiration for those who believe in hard work, perseverance, and determination. A journey that started as a dishwasher, Savita never once believed she would eventually own and operate the restaurant that everyone loves to this day - Romio’s! Now working alongside her husband, Romio’s Pizza and Pasta is more than a business to them, “It’s our dream!”

For over 20 years, Romio’s has proudly served a unique blend of Italian-American fusion cuisine. Combining the best of both worlds, Romio’s Pizza and Pasta has become a beloved staple in the community, drawing in locals and visitors alike with its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere.